2017 Banquet Video

Stories from the Clearinghouse…

The sound of her voice was upbeat, I thought, as I answered one of our neighbors’ calls.  She was asking for some information that she had requested before.  She was apologetic, yet, I sensed something else.  She said, “I got saved.  I asked Jesus to come into my life, and he did!”  She went on to share with me that He (Jesus) had been helping her through everything.  My eyes brimmed with tears, as she continued.  “I read my Bible everyday, I pray everyday.  God is helping me through everything!”  The tears spilled down my cheeks as she explained that she didn’t understand everything in the Bible, but she was still reading it.  I was encouraged by her commitment and her childlike faith.

They came in together.  I could hear the cheerful sound of friendly voices.  They were here because they had their own ministry, but were interested in finding out more about ours.  Wow!  One ministry was not enough for this group of white-haired ladies.  As their story unfolded, I became more mesmerized.  The three ladies were sisters, all of them sharing a deep faith.  They shared that, as children, there were often times when there was not enough money for food, but their faithful mother kept them busy, taught them to work, and most importantly, taught them that the Lord would provide.  So strong was their mother’s faith, that the sisters would set the table with dishes, even if there was no food.  What faith!  They recalled that, often, at the end of the dinner prayer, there would be a knock at the door.  When the door was opened, the food that they needed was there.  With faithful confidence, they emphasized that the Lord provided.  This provision had instilled the desire for the sisters to give back.  And, even though they were growing older, they never forgot the lessons of their youth.