Love INC of Boone County

is a network of partnering churches working together to mobilize church volunteers to meet the needs of their neighbors. Love INC seeks to offer assistance to congregations in developing and/or improving meaningful outreach in our community. Love INC’s network includes large and small congregations. Even if a church has only a few members, it can make a positive difference in our neighbors’ lives.

Churches partner with Love INC on varying levels but full partnership with Love INC means that a church:

Has appointed a contact person to serve as the liaison between their congregation and Love INC.

Holds an annual “Love INC” event, usually during or after a worship service, or during a church education class. At this event, the ministry of Love INC is presented and members of the congregation are given the opportunity to fill out a Talent Survey. Each year, church members indicate on this form what services they are interested in providing for people in need in our area. The Love INC Ministry Coordinator uses this list to know whom to call when Love INC notifies the church of a specific need.

Encourages Love INC participation in the church.

Considers participation in the financial support of Love INC. Churches are not “required” to contribute any set amount.

Helps with Love INC ministry projects and programs when possible.

Current Partnering Churches

For more information about Love INC of Boone County, or to find out what it means to be a partner church, please call or e-mail our office.

Ideally each partnering church would have a person who is willing to serve as a liaison to relay current ministry information back to your church. Your pastor, priest or governing body will need to make a formal request to Love INC to become a partner church. We can provide you with supporting materials and information, and love to have the opportunity to meet with your leaders.